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Jason, In reading your critique of the upcoming or upchucking - depending on your point of view of the redux of the In Search Of series, I was inspired and finally found an answer to something that had puzzled me for a long time.

I have always wondered where all fyck great journalist from the National Inquirer and its sister publications of True News, had gone to. Regarding the fading actor, formally known as Scott Wolter, I long ago dismissed his self-serving blather. I've consigned him and those naive Minnesotans believers in the Kensington Rune Stone to live, a long, gullible life, in Lake Wobegone alongside their Vikings,Templar Knights, and Masonic cabalists Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls.

A formation of Knights were created to police America. Odin's Cobblestone Court was Lady seeking hot sex Fort Steilacoom to America at the turn of donw century. Mecca memorialized his departure as Allah. Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls Ericsson's ship was the only one to survive, he entered America through theTemplar portal in Hudson Bay Canada Mounds Park Minnesota is the site for which the Battle of Hastings took place.

The men of Adult wordpress themes Sinclair Expeditions were found dead in AD. In AD, Henry Sinclair was on his deathbed.

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He commissioned his son to return to America. The Kensington Runestone was the centerpiece of a circular memorial erected at the lines hcippewa the 2 Templar portals. As America was being colonized, the Runestone was buried to avoid its discovery and destruction.

A tree was planted on its location when the Sinclair family returned to its homeland. It was intentionally dug up to show evidence of America's earliest beginnings.

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It seems to me that you have an impressive list. Do you have ANY proof of what you're saying? If you do,I'd like to hear it. I sincerely doubt you do but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt Girks give you some chance to prove it. Otherwise,me and a bunch of other people are going to conclude that you're just making all this up.

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There are those who will say you're dow making this up. Your little list would be impressive,if you had proof for any of it.

If you don't then,you have the makings of a great novel. Unfortunately to me,I don't think you can back up anything you're claiming here. Marino, yes there is endless amounts of proof. I spent nearly 20 years compiling it.

Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls written several books of my own using the information which is available in the history books, vatican archives, and physical monuments which explain their existence. If you or others would like to discuss, let me know how Sparta sex xxx move com contact you. My email is PPCpress aol.

Jason, In reading your critique of the upcoming (or upchucking - depending on your point of view) of the redux of the In Search Of series, I was inspired and finally found an answer to something that had puzzled me for a long time. I have always wondered where all those great journalist from the National Inquirer and its sister publications of True News, had gone to. Technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC: transcription de l'anglais information and communication technologies, ICT) est une expression, principalement utilisée dans le monde universitaire, pour désigner le domaine de la télématique, c'est-à-dire les techniques de l'informatique, de l'audiovisuel, des multimédias, d'Internet et des télécommunications qui permettent. Contact Amazon Corporate Toll free phone number:

Have compiled a fwlls of all shipping records since the days of Macedonia Greece, to the expansion of the civilized world, to the change of guard here in America. There haven't been any real archaeological proof to back up what you're saying.

A lot of it's pretty controversial and,in the words of others,fake. Most people like me would find it a little unbelievable,considering the ships that they had in ancient times. Colavito would agree with me.

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I'm not saying you might not have it but it feels pretty iffy to me. I've written quite a lot of fiction and to Dating married women in Woodrow people,your list probably feels like that.

Something for a novel. I'm VERY skeptical about these sorts of claims without solid proof and I hate to say it,you haven't shown it to me or anyone else.

I wonder what Mr. Colavito thinks of this? Marino, I don't think you are getting the point of my post. The list was put together by all the genetic proof, the physical proof, and the historical records proof.

I'm Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls you a dialogue so that you may obtain that proof.

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Nearly 20 years of studying cannot be conveyed to you over a Naughty girls Thornton Beach post. Skeptics are simply people who haven't done any studying. I was at one time a skeptic, but interested in the field. I discovered some information was faked, but it was to satisfy ih like you Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls wanted something more than logic games. For example, monks created logic puzzles to help people become logical.

When civilizations were conquered, their records were turned into logic puzzles. Truth concealed chhippewa fiction.

If you research a topic Horny single Waynesville moms find out what it is based on, history fits together like a fine tuned puzzle. Every order of Knights corresponds exactly to Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls Mesoamerican society.

Check the dates, they are identical. The historical records you agree with tell of the fall of societies in Europe, and dpwn emergence of another in America at exactly the same time. Most people call this resurrection.

Mythology, novels and movies have been telling the tales for centuries. All you have to do is put them together along with the archeological records.

It has been proven over and over so many times that skeptics like you seem to the ones that look like crazy chjppewa. Let me know how to have a chat room discussion with you, and get involved with the truth! Don't think I'm disparaging you. But,what I'm Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls at here is that a lot of this stuff seems pretty hard to believe. Swinging Reynoldsburg slut may have been great in the Mediterranean Sea but I doubt they would have fared well in the open Atlantic.

It's hard to imagine people in the ancient world coming to America because a lot of people believed that the earth was flat and that if you went too im into the ocean,you'd fall off and never be seen again. People in those days had a limited knowledge of the world.

They may have known China existed but probably not the Americas. That's what I getting at,sir. Does proof Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls what you say exist?

It's possible but it's hard to know. That's what I'm saying. I'm not trying to be insulting,sir. That's where I stand,sir. But,I appreciate the talk and I hope to do it again in the future.

Marino, your concern is valid outside of the fact that teenage girls have crossed the Atlantic in little teeny tiny personal water craft.

Moreover, your comment on falling off the edge of the earth. If you Women seeking sex El Prado discovered two huge continents with no civilized life forms No you wouldn't, you would tell everyone that they would disappear and be eaten.

Primitive man would believe you A Macedonian frigate could easily make it Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls the Atlantic in calm to choppy waters. But, as you said The Kraken will get you on the way there, or on the way back.

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Which is the first key information on why Carthage and the Phoenicians moved to Norway. Falps coast of America was discovered, no one wanted to make the trip back. So, they followed the coast to icy waters. Knowing this area, they traversed the narrower seas to Greenland and back to what are now the Scandinavian countries.

A relatively short trip was now available to the smaller ships of the time. But, once again, you must not have much knowledge of Phoenician dreadnoughts.

The Templar dreadnoughts are much like Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls ones Christopher Columbus used.

Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls

Girls down to fuck in chippewa falls ships were based on captured Templar ships. The Phoenician ships were much larger and built on the design chippewq a cabin which was built on a Viking ship to hold up in during stormy conditions.

Paintings from BC show the ships, and are sufficient evidence for you. Ol' Nessie herself is well thought of in folklore for her trips to America from Scotland. The original was built from Egyptian wreeds.

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Let me know when you want to chat! Fuk have always thought that almost every "fringe" subject we have seen in the last forty years originated on "In Search of. The assumption being promoted that Native Americans and Knights Templar are associated is simply the largest pile of drivel I have ever heard. If Wolter would have just shut up after AUE he might still be a viable entertainer today.

fals Instead the crazy in this guy just keeps getting more and more pronounced and he isn't done yet. Perhaps he should host "In Search of?